8 Steps For Tasty Cupcakes

Bersempena ulang tahun kelahiran adikku, Dino, yang ke-29 hari ni….

1. Sift 1 cup flour with 1 teaspoon of baking powder and ½ teaspoon of salt.
2. Cream ½ cup butter with ½ cup sugar until light and fluffy.
3. Beat in 1 egg and ½ teaspoon of vanilla.
4. Fold in flour mixture and beat at medium speed until all is well blended.
5. Add in ½ cup of milk and beat until batter is smooth.
6. Pour into cups (usually makes about 12 medium cups).
7. Bake at about 120ºC (according to my oven) for about 25 minutes.
8. Cool and makan!



11 thoughts on “8 Steps For Tasty Cupcakes

  1. Aku dari dulu nak letak gambar. Tapi, pun malas jugak nak edit dan sebagainya (walaupun punyalah suka kan ‘dapat’ cupcake tu).

    Sufi, jom kita serbu rumah k-lynn.

  2. hoh? bile besday ko nih? eppi belated besday!! the cupcakes look soooooo yummyy!!! meleleh air liur org kelaparan nih

  3. hoho happy belated birthday! sorry gua takde internet access la these past few days. btw thanks for giving me the list of people yang amik order for cakes tu. yeay tak sabar nak pick them up this friday!

    haa lepas ni aku order cupcake kat hang jela. senang. hehe

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