10 Possibilities of the New Job

Hmm.. when was the last time I wrote a list of 10 things? Too long ago to remember. Well, anyway, I’ve entered the new office and it’s fine. I was told this is temporary. In a month or two, we’ll be moving to a new building, smacked at the other end of the town, one of the busiest spot during the day in this modest city. I won’t complain so much, as it’ll be a shorter route for me. And this route passes by the 24 hour KFC in town, where breakfast is now part of the menu.

Apart from that “tak-lama-lagi-pindah” piece of news (which I don’t really have faith it won’t be long), currently, I also have to manage a few people (as compared to one dulu), whom are scatterely stationed. And it’s not only crossing building (kena drive to get there), it also crosses state boundaries. So, at various moments, I get a little overwhelmed. From one to 14… that’s a little abrupt, wouldn’t you say?

But, let’s not dwell too much on them. Let’s talk about me and the job. So, last week, I get a little preview of the kind of work I’ll be doing. And from there, I’m forseeing the following 10 possibilities:

1. Doing project inspection of course requires me to be outdoor. And with the global warning, you know the sun is blazing even at 10 am. Standing and poking around for about 45 minutes was enough to bake my face. I don’t know if sun block’s gonna work or not, but i better be prepared with the highest SPF.

2. Did I mention it’s hot and hydrating? The moment I step into the car, I was dripping and all I wanted was H²O. I have to make sure I always have enough in my car.

3. Since I cover all parts of Negeri Sembilan AND Melaka, going from one end to the other, I suppose I’ll be spending most of my time in the car. Therefore, I have to make sure it’s a nice place to be in and always comfy.

4. Which of course means, I’ll be out of the office most of the time instead of inside. Less blogging? Well, unless I get a laptop with wifi, then taklah kot.

5. I wake up and leave the house the same time as I do before. Only difference is, I reach the office and arrive home way earlier than before. Balik, sempat lagilah nak play ball with my kids.

6. Oh, I probably won’t be wearing much of baju kurungs to work. Which reminds me, kena check of my “supply” of pantsuits/blouse/pants for work. Does this call for shopping? He he he.

7. I suppose there will be days I’ll be wearing pants to meetings. Takpe kot.. pengerusi tak nampak kaki.

8. I would probably have to scrape my plans of fetching the kids from school. Who knows which part of Negeri Sembilan or Melaka I’ll be at.

9. Most of my work is self-managed. Which means, I probably better get an organizer. That would also mean I have to get a bigger bag lah kan. Nak masuk air, oraganizer, sun block, camera, etc.

10. Breakfast? Kena breakfast kat rumah nampaknya. Kalau tak, dalam kereta. Office pon takde geng… unless I can wait till 10, and stone is at his officelah kan. And me, I’m supposed to be always on the move. Hmmmm….

Itulah. Oh, I’m sleepy plak. Ta-ta.



10 thoughts on “10 Possibilities of the New Job

  1. akhirnya kamu kembali!

    well, look on the bright side of things. at least your work sounds rather interesting! pantau projek tu.. ramai orang nak bodek ko ni karang.. hehehe

  2. note to Kontraktor Kelas F sekitar NS and melaka: water, sunblock and pants!! the lady is sweating for goodness sake

  3. faruq: no, i’m not complaining. i’m rather happy, for the time being. just have to be prepared lah kan.

    stone: chess.. sempat tu.

  4. haha aku setuju dengan ko stone. oh and congrats, btw. will try to get to majlis kat rumah dato’. korang bahagi ikut sidang ek? giler asabiyah. haha

  5. bestnya takyah berbj kurung dan bersopan santun g ofis.jelesnya aku…!
    sun block?masalahnya ko rajin ke apply setiap masa jane?ahaksss
    sorila ari tu tak join lunch…lenkali ek…bln dpn ke…nnti ko dtg meeting

  6. hmmm… interesting and tiring… selamat spending a lot of time in your car (like UDPA-ians normally do). hehe… hey, at least it’s a change… AND, you get to be in N9 most of the time, kan?

  7. Kalau ada pemantauan projek di Rembau lepas 12 Julai nanti, jangan lupa lawat makcik dan si Lil’ C.

    Oh, face and body sunblock by Shiseido (SPF 50) is among the best. Happy bersopping.

  8. sufi: hahahahhaha. kau memang pandai membaca fikiranku sufi. tapi aku kena gigih jugak beb. tak tahan panas.

    nisha: haah. ada kala best duk dlm keta sorang sbb you can almost hear yourself think about things.. things you never take the time to think. tp too much of it, ngantuk.

    chech: ooohhhh! saya pasti akan melawat. nanti saya carik projek eh. thanks for the tip about the sun block.

  9. saya telah tag kamu. ini kerana saya tahu kamu suka membuat senarai. btw, saya ilang la url bagi baker itu! tolong bagi semula, boleh? sms pun ok!

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