What’s Happening… (not in a list)

In truth, I have so many unfinished entries in my draft “box”. Dah tulis half way, lepas tu mesti macam lost focus. Or inspirations (Ececece…). I was rather “unstable” when I wrote the last entry.. having to stay back until 10 pm. Being hungry and all… Sorrylah if I sounded macam full of angst (if I may quote AFAS’s words).

Anyway, here’s a recap of what has happened in the last week.

On Tuesday, I started off writing about my depression (I know that’s not it, but that what I wanted to call it).. and this was what I wrote:

I have been meaning to write, ok.. cuma takde topik nak dilistkan pasal kehidupan aku. Except for the fact that I have not received any letter about a new placement, ke post, i’m still stuck at my same old, same old chair. Surprisingly, ALL.. and i mean ALL, of my friends who had reported duty along with me less than 3 years ago, have gotten their letter. This is getting rather depressing ok… I was so looking forward to taking my kids to school.

What depresses me right now:

1. Still having to drive 40 minutes to and back from work.
But I LOVE the me time.. and I love listening to the Pagi Show, the Morning Crew and all those opportunities to win stuffs.

2. I’m still doing the job that was promised to me for only a year. It gets depressing when I discovered that I have to hand in that yearly report for the SECOND time.
But I love the fact that I hold the information of all the units in my department/division (whatever you want to call it). It gives me an advantage when I have to attend meetings. And those meetings allow me to get to know more people too.

3. I am fat.
But I am always happy if I can to work out. (Macam ye-ye je). Okaylah, jog.. or brisk walk. Betul lah, exercise really releases happy hormone. But masa D*P*A dulu, kalau suruh buat aktiviti sukan-sukan ni mesti malas je. And balik, tak  happy langsung pon.. Mungkin sebab kena paksa kot dulu.

4. I try as I might to complete my work before 5, but always fail. Lepas tu, dah kerja lebih masa, I might as well wait for maghrib, kan.. Which really upsets my kids.
But it also meant, mesti aku sembahyang maghrib on time. And, I am VERY thankful for my mother. She never complains about taking care of those rascals and jadi macam teksi driver pulak, having to taxi them, including my youngest sister everywhere.


Then, this letter came to my desk.

Which, my mood took an instant 180° turning. Puas hati? Sangat! Lebih daripada tu! Although the former guy told me it will be d*** tiring, I thought, it can’t be THAT bad.. I mean, ada ke orang nak visit project in the middle of the night, right? Anyway, let’s just think positive & savour the moment. 🙂

But, I had to postpone going until I got some work settled here. The date my boss gave was till yesterday. But the guy currently holding the post, wants to postpone till end of month. So, I’ll still be commuting sehingga saat itulah…

Konon-kononnya as a goodbye, I brought these (which I bought from OnePieceBakey) to the office lah…

Segan pulak bila memikirkan I’d still be around for another 2 weeks, at least.

So, that’s itlah



7 thoughts on “What’s Happening… (not in a list)

  1. yeyeye….bukan setakat minum petang di PTK malah breakfast, lunch, tea dan yang seadik beradik dengannya. Welkam home!

  2. Faruq: Eh.. kamu ada kat parcel D kan? Nanti kita ketemu, akan ku bawa kek² itu..

    Stone: Aku sampai seremban nanti, bawaklah aku ke tempat² makan best. Lainlah kalau kerja kat Dearah Bukit Chedang, boleh makan kat Lorong Seri Meranti.

  3. congrats babe! so happy for you… position ko kire cam aku gak aa… promised to be here for only 3 batches (1 1/2 years) so now tgh tuntut janji service la nih… kengkawan U*D*P*A yg lain most of them have gotten somewhere… yg stay pun sebab mmg masih nk berjasa di I*N*T*A*N. i’m too tired oredi. i can’t wait to try out new things plak…

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