5 Things I’m Wishing For RIGHT NOW

I know I am always on a wishful thinking mode. Right now, at 10.00 pm, just before driving back from work, I wished for the following things:

1. I could just blink my eyes and reach home in an instance. Not just reach home, but my bed, fully bathed. And my car too.

2. I have a cup of Coffeebean Ice Blended. Whatever flavor.. janji coffee based. Even Starbucks Alamanda must be closed right now.

3. When I SMS, people would just reply. Especially when I’m driving alone macam ni kan. Especially the ones I know pakai line. Pakai prepaid tu, pahamlah kan aku. Yes, you.. I AM talking about YOU!!!!

4. My nota serah tugas would be complete when I snap my fingers… Aaarghhh.

5. I just want to sleep.

Catch you guys later… Which reminds me, aaahhh kena gi keluar duit nak bayar tol dulu. Touch and Go dah empty.

ps: Thanks to those yang selalu remind me to update. I know you care.. heheheh.


5 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Wishing For RIGHT NOW

  1. hehehe… siann… takpe, pas dah tukar ni, in an instant jer ko akan sampai ke rumah… and your kids are so gonna be happy for that (ur hubby too, i suppose =P)

  2. oh yes, k-lynn, very much so, thank you very much. sorry I forgot to drop by your blog sooner.

    it’s amazing how you come up with these lists of yours. you know, 5 things I’m wishing for, 7 occassions that called for cakes..

    so sekarang u dah pindah n9, going to and back from work dah dekat la kan? so sekarang ni your 1st wish tu is my number one wish too! penat weih ulang-alik klang-putrajaya hari-hari..

    wait a minute.. 10 p.m.? wow lewatnya balik! hehehe bagus bagus rajin sungguh kamu ini!

  3. babe, nape i terasa baca point no.3 tu? LOL. i kan yg slalu kena jawab text messages or fon calls from u kan? kan? LOL.

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