4 Occassions that called for Cakes

1. Birthday Saya – 2 Jun 2007

These cupcakes were ordered by my officemate, Radin for my birthday, because I made him, from de`HearT Cupcakes. The cakes were delicious. Thank you to Radin, tahun ni belanja lagi eh…

2. My Daughter’s Birthday – 16 November 2007

Sorfina’s third birthday was on 16 November 2007. However, being the bad mommy, I ordered the cake a little bit too late. So, the baker could only take my order on the 19th November 2007. So, the little girl had her celebration at school on the 20th November 2007. Sorry, dear… this year mommy will do better, ya? Anyway, this wonderful cake was done by Kak Noresh from Baking With Passion. Sedap. Her brownies are wonderful as well. I brought to the office, my officemates mintak nombor phone nak order.

3. My Youngest Sister’s Birthday – 19 March 2008

Cupcakes from Seremban  Garden of Cupcakes

My youngest sister’s 17th birthday was on Wednesday, 19 March 2008. Since I didn’t get her anything, I ordered these cupcakes for her, a change from the usual Secret Recipe cakes. Thanks to the good people from OnePieceBakery in Seremban, the birthday girl was so happy. So were my kids. Excited! My other sister, dah request for her birthday in August pulak. The cakes were blueberry flavored. Nice.. different from the usual chocolate, kan. Thanks to Fazla and Hajar for taking my order, even though last minute. Expect more from me!

4. Last, my sister being home – Last weekend.

These were baked, topped and glazed by yours truly. Hari tu, my sister in JB was home for my mother’s birthday. I wanted to bake some cupcakes for the occasion. Unfortunately, my cute oven was too small to fit in the cupcake tray. So, I baked the cake in a square pan, later cut it into small squares, and put them in cups. Put some chocolate topping and conteng. Horrible, I know. Tapi sedap.. heheh. At least, adalah something for her to nibble while driving to Pasir Gudang. And no, yours truly tak ambik order. 🙂

8 thoughts on “4 Occassions that called for Cakes

  1. they are sooo gorgeous!!! love the grassy ones… nanti besday aku (1oct) bolehla kasik eh? keke. how’d the car go?

  2. nisha: b’day kau raya beb. mesti kau kat ipoh time tu. panggil la aku gi PAC, nanti aku bawak, eh.. hehe

    chech: sungguh baik hati chech cuba puji saya. tapi kalau ia membuat chech mengidam, saya boleh je nak buatkan.. ok?

    stone: the next time persidangan PTK, i’ll bring them. tp kalau panggil last² minit x dapek lah tolong.

  3. Your birthday is in June kan? Buatlah gathering ke apa ke kat Seremban tu. Buat kek cawan tu sekali. Saya datang bawa hadiah.

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