5 Things One (I) Can Do on a Day Off

1. Get that appointment with the dentist (yang asek tak jadi tu), done and over with.
2. Catch a movie – the morning show. And tak semestinya rate U.
3. Visit the car wash, because you haven’t for more than a month.
4. Sip your iced latte or ice blended (especially with that free caramel drizzle) slowly  while finishing (or at least half of) that novel
5. Pick up your kids from school and spend the rest of the petang at the playground, or whichever place they please.


3 thoughts on “5 Things One (I) Can Do on a Day Off

  1. Heavenlynya number 4. I went to Coffee Bean last two weeks, accompanying my husband to an informal meeting with his friends, and was intrigued to buy ice blended coffee; no decaffeinated coffee though. So, I asked for ice blended chocolate.

    Hasilnya, I didn’t really care about my husband’s friends’ existence. I just sipped it slowly in my own world. Takde novel pun. Ada banana muffin yang aku cucuk-cucuk, bajet-bajet for it to last until the end of the meeting.

  2. Chech: Lain kali try the pure vanilla ice blended, and glaze it with caramel.. best. And if you’re into fruits, go for the malibu dream. ooohh, dah terliur dah ni… ada orang nak panggil kita gi bengkel² kat bukit ki@ra tak.. hmmm (dreaming of a white chocolate dream).

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