Comparison No. 5

Credits to Jannah for spotting this one. Go figure lah people.

Padang Tua

Padang Tua sangat sedih
Kerna kanak-kanak sudah pulang ke rumah
Mereka bermain bersama dia sepanjang petang
Menendang bola padanya
Dan dia menendang kembali

Padang tua sangat sedih
Kerana kini dia seorang diri

The Old Field

The old field is sad
Now the children have gone home
They have played with him all afternoon
Kicking the ball to him and him
Kicking it back

But now it’s cold and dark
He thinks of their warm breath and their
Feet like little hot bottles
A bit rough. Some of them but still…..

And now he thinks there’s not even a dog
To tickle me
The gates are locked
The birds don’t like this nasty sneaking wind
And nor does he

(p/s: sorry if the true version is not precise sebab dpt from a forum)


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