5 Things I Miss…

Today, Siti Nurhaliza the Singer would be exactly 29 years old. And, if my father was alive, he would be celebrating his 63rd birthday today. However, today is the 49th day since he passed away. 52 days before he did pass away, I wrote about not being able to imagine days without him. Today I don’t have to i magine no more. I have to live it. And today even more, I miss him so… because I could no longer:

1. Ask him the right way to spell a word or the correct grammar for a setence.

2. Send him my letters or papers for him to go through and edit.

3. Borrow his books and not return it.. they are all there sitting at home now, I can pick and choose as I please.

4. Read entry balas in his blog.. you see, my dad.. he doesn’t comment at my blog. But, he would write something in relation to my entries, discreetly giving me advices, because he knows i read his blog.

5. Get phone calls from Dad asking information in relation to my work for his work. Example: “Tolong dapatkan maklumat berapa banyak sekolah rendah kat Malaysia. Lepas itu ikut SRKJ semua tu.”… Ayah, nasib baik anak ayah ni dulu DBA KPM…

PS: This month, my brother’s article also appeared in Dewan Masyarakat. Check it out, under Suara Orang Muda. My dad would have been VERY PROUD. And I bet my brother misses the fact that he couldn’t turn to Dad when he needed to write the article.


4 thoughts on “5 Things I Miss…

  1. i dare not offer my words of consolation. i guess it would fruitless eh. sbb aku tatau camne rasenye. but i do know this : 3 perkara yg akan diuji

    1. kematian orang yg disayang
    2. penyakit yang tiada penawar
    3. kemiskinan

    so He’s testing u now. Be close to Him and insya allah ko bleh get thru this.

  2. azrul: i appreciate any word of consolation, because it means people care. so, thanks.

    i knew this day would come, and i’m doing okay. but at times like these, i can’t help wishing he’s still around.

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