10 Telefon Saya


1. My first ever, ever mobile fon. Ericsson apa ntah. My sister won it over a radio contest. My first mobile number was a Celcom. This was when Celcom first introduced a separate payment for airtime and network access.

2. Siemens – yang tak ingat modelnya, therefore tak jumpa the image. This is my second phone. Given to me by my then boyfriend, now husband (TBNH). The year was 1999, I think. Buruk fon tu, tapi nipis, considering other models at that time. I changed my phone number too, no longer using Celcom prepaid, but TM Touch postpaid. MY senior commented that my fon looks like his tapi kena pijak sampai penyek (sebab lebar & panjang tapi nipis)… Manalah senior aku tu sekarang ek..


 3. Then satu hari something happened to the Siemens phone, ada security code tak boleh unlock. Bengong betul. To get it fixed, kena hantar to the factory which could take forever. So, my TBNH replaced it with this, since yang ni memang ada kat office dia. I think it’s called Motorola Microtac. This phone was rather common and popular around 1996-1998. Kalau nak caj tak boleh cakap kat fon. Kena keluar kan bateri. Remember? Orang panggil fon anjing sebab kalau campak kat anjing, probably anjing tu pengsan or RIP terus. No offence to dogs, it’s just kalau jalan sorang-sorang, kan kadang ada possibility kena kejar dengan anjing. So, kalau xde benda lain, campakkan lah phone.

Nokia 5310

 4. Nokia 5310. Ini pon quite popular. Remember there was a time when phone lines were either PCN or GSM? Well, as I recall, this is the PCN model (which could utilise TMTouch and Mobikom line) and the GSM model is 5110 (for Maxis line). Pakai yang ni sebab tak tahan guna fon anjing tu. This was among the first phone that you can change it’s skin/casing colour. Mine was yellow, then changed to red casing. Tapi tak lama sangat pakai.

Ericsson T10

5. Ericsson T10. I love this phone, despite it’s a flip phone. I preferred not use a flip phone because of its tendency to get broken. Anyway, mine when it first came was yellow, until i broke the flip that I got a fuschia casing. I love its voice dial and answer. The hands free device was clear too, unlike others at that time. But why did I stop using it, eh? Ohhh sebab dapat fon baru!!!

 Siemens C35

 6. This baby was my sixth phone – Siemens C35. I used it sekejap sangat-sangat sebab I didn’t like it. Siemens it seemed, consumed to much battery power at a time. Sekejap-sekejap dan kena caj. But I love the shape. So, not long after that, I got a new baby….

Nokia 3310

7. I got this phone during my final year in MMU – Nokia 3310. The year must have been 2001. Mine was the common dark blue. I LOVED this phone. I started using it at the time when it hadn’t reached the Malaysia market. It was among the first mobile phone without the antenna. At first, segan gila nak pakai depan my friends, sbb ada kawan cakap inilah fon idaman dia. Tiba-tiba aku dah pakailah pulak. Bila semua orang dah sedar, there was no hiding it lah kan.. Semua orang nak tgk and tried. Rasa special lah sekejap.. Hahhaha. Anyway, this was the longest phone I used. Best gila. Sampai the year 2004. Something like that.

 Nokia 3610

8. I really cannot recall why I started using this phone. Or when. But I was okay. The most memorable thing I remember about it, is the light which was D**N bright. My friend used to tease me that if we were hiding and someone called me, mesti kantoilah… But this one, I lost it during my brother’s wedding at our house. I usually hanged it around my neck. Then, I had to do something, macam berat je leher… so I put it on the table tempat orang makan kat luar. Pastu lupa. Masa ni pagi, belum start pon the event. Orang tgh pasang-pasang lagi meja kerusi sumer tu. By the time I remembered, it was gonelah. I tried calling it, dah off. Pissed off betul masa tu. The thief!!! Geram makcik! There goes my Nokia 3610.

 Nokia 6110

9. So, to ganti my stolen phone tu, my brother gave me his phone- Nokia 6110. This one he bought in Russia, so menu adalah yang dalam Russian, of which I couldn’t understand. And since I am not such a careful user, selalulah jatuh and all. And one day, it just refused to turn on. Bye-bye lah semua contacts in the phone.

Samsung E640

10. Satu hari, sebab kesiankan suami saya yang bersusah payah nak contact saya bila tiada phone, boss di officenya telah offerkan phone ni – Samsung SGH E640 – untuk dipinjamkan kepada dia. Beruntung badan, kan? And I love this phone too, except that it doesn’t have FM Radio and no external memory. The internal memory too small plak tu. Other than that, ok.. size pon just nice. I love the GPRS tu, and the self potrait picture mode. The year was Ramadan 2005, if i’m not mistaken. Recently, repaired it’s screen and battery.

If you read carefully, you’d probably notice that I have NEVER bought a phone on my own. Hehehe. But right now, I’m considering nak get a phone with FM Radio, so that I will be bersemangat nak go jogging. (MP3 player.. tak syok. And malas nak kena bawak banyak barang masa jogging). I’m considering Sony Ericsson W660i… tapi my husband ada Nokia N73, and soh pakai yang tu je, supaya x membazir. But i hate the way Nokia phones work where the SMS primary inbox is the phone memory, not the SIM Card. Same with the phonebook. Tengoklah macam mana. Kalau jadi beli, this would be the FIRST time I’m spending my own money on a mobile phone.


15 thoughts on “10 Telefon Saya

  1. hahaha… funny u shud mention that. hari tu ada offer utk staff celcom blackberry murah.. boleh tahan lah. tapi rasa, it’d be wasted on me lah.. aku bukannya tech conscious sgt…

    tp aku suspect laki aku ada dapat blackberry company lah..

  2. abikal: kau pengguna phone yang berhemah.. tak macam aku.. sepah². maka, tahniah lah.. (eh, that sooo rhymes, hahahahha).

    hari ni, dengan rasmi saya menggunakan N73. Selamat tinggal w660i.. that never was mine. Hmmm… Which goes to say, i still haven’t spend a cent untuk urusan perolehan phone.

  3. mantap giler…tak penah beli hp…
    btw, ni 1st time aku bleh bukak blog ko yg ni
    pas2 ni blom tentu bleh bukak lg
    ye, org IT aku strict

  4. ini pun ‘pestaim’ bukak blog ko… apa yang aku buat
    1) tunggu gambar2 load.. (komputer aku lembap)
    2) tengok gambar
    3) baca comment yang paling latest
    4) berazam untuk amik peruntukkan satu masa bagi membaca nukilan kao..
    5) sukses submint comment di Blog ko

  5. DD: tq sbb datang mengambil masa melawat, membaca dan membuat komen. Lain kali ulang lagi eh.. Btw, at this point in time, ada writer’s block.. hmm..

    Sufi: Cakaplah kat En 1zh3ir tu.. jgnlah strict sgt. Dulu kat M0E aku kasik gak dia yah00.

    Alnur: Alah, nak jimat. Duit tu boleh buat sekolah anak.. hehe. Walaupun dah xde yuran sekolah, tapi kelengkapan lain mahal gak.

  6. wah, byk tepon ko… i don’t think i changed my phones much, tapi setakat nih sumer nokia… harap2 dpt beli fon baru yang ada camera cos navigator yg aku pakai skrg takdek, so tak best!

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