10 Personal Notes to Myself, as I move along in the career

(epi janganlah baca kuat-kuat kat office. I malu!)

Dear K-lynn,

This is not in any specific order or priority. But as you move along the career, try to remember:

1. Trust your team. If everyone has been given their responsibilities, trust them to do their job. Have faith. Everyone has potential, capabilities and abilities.

2. Never, never, never take ownership of your job. Which means, whatever job you do for the organization, the ownership goes to the organization. If you initiated something, and someone else has to take over the job, let them. Let them be. Guide where you can, but learn to let go. If you’re so good at it, and anyone else is not, still, learn to let go. REMEMBER, ownership is to the organization, NEVER you.

3. Hate your boss all you want, but (s)he will ALWAYS be right. Must remember to memendam kesumat rasa. If something must be brought up, learn to be tactical about it. Even better, learn to make your boss seem kurang pandai smart, even when they are not (but don’t take credit for it).

4. ALWAYS read THOROUGHLY. Whatever the document i. It is important to read EVERY word. More importantly if you were to be in charge.

5. Always take time to read. Add more to your knowledge. Be well read so that nobody can fool you.. hopefully.

6. Take criticism with grace. Even though it hurts. Never be defensive (at least not on the spot). More importantly to remember, if it comes from friends, they mean well. Even more than you ever thought. That’s what friends do… tell you the truth.

7. Coordinate. Delegate. Communicate. Key to success.

8. Be assertive. There are times you need to be heard. BUT be tactical and well versed about the subject before you do so.

9. When you get up there, there’ll be times you need to ask more out of your subordinates. When that time comes, think of the times when you were reluctant to stay or do more. Jgnlah nak marah dia aje, because you felt the same, many times before.

10. Must complete all your work within office hours so that you will have more time to spend with the people that are going to stick by you when you’re old and sick. That’s why give all your best when you work so that when the clock ticks out, you can happily do so too.

Take care when you get up there.


As said, this is PERSONAL note. It is being put here so that I would not lose it, and would always be reminded of it. Not that I want to preach to anyone. In fact, I may not agree to one or more of the above. BUT it may be the right thing to do, hence, the more reason I need to be reminded of them. If in any way it is useful for you, I’ll be forever glad that you read them. Peace to the world!

p/s: surprisingly, most of what i had written were told to me by a much senior officer before. i guess, he got most of it covered when he spoke about two years ago.


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