Feelings.. summed up in 5 Points.

1. I was told about something. And now I can’t stop thinking about it… and wondering. And think, and wonder. Hmmm… I’m feeling really uneasy

2. Today is En Hazly’s birthday. I feel happy, still tak buat any preparation for it.

3. My officemate delivered a healthy baby boy today at 8.20am, and called me at 8.45am to tell me about it. I feel so excited… can’t wait to visit her later this evening.

4. I feel overwhelmed by the kind of work i have to do.. I can’t really think…

5. That thought keeps crossing my head. I can’t shake it off… Keep wondering, betul ke? I’m feeling anxious. Tak sukalah macam ni. MY head says forget about it. My heart, well.. it’s in a turmoil. So, i really shouldn’t listen to my heart, eh?


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