What? I cooked! Oh yes, and 5 of them!

Pretty much as expected, not a single house I visited served lontong. Can you believe it? I can’t. So, of course, in order to ensure I did have a hari RAYA, I had to serve myself a lontong-lah kan… Apa lagi, masak sendirilah. Did you know that I had NEVER attempted a lontong. Of course you didn’t because you don’t care. I mean, I don’t bother to care either.. Hehehe. Anyway, on the last day of my raya break, I managed to whip up a sensible kuah lodeh to be served with nasi impit and kuah kacang.

But, that was not all. In the four hours I was in the kitchen, I actually managed to prepare three other dishes, ones I had never attempted before… and, tasted quite okay, if I may say so. (Aku pujilah diri sendiri, sebab aku jugak  yang makan). And also, a dessert. Heheh. Macam melepas geram pulak. Actually my days were filled visiting and falling sick, my stove tak sempat nak berasap, except for boiling water, until today. Itulah pasal.

Anyway, these are what I cooked today:

1. Kuah Lodeh (of course)


2. Kuah Kacang


3. Udang Masak Cili Api Dengan Rebung (Prawn with Bamboo Shoot)


4. Lasagna (Yeay, finally)


5. Roti Kahwin with my favorite Kaya
(Babu roti je jual. Best giler, rasa macam karamel… after 16 years – he’s been in business for the last 25 years – it still tastes the same.. Yummy!)


One thought on “What? I cooked! Oh yes, and 5 of them!

  1. akak telah membuatkan saya rindu
    (i) tempe kuah lodeh

    (ii) roti kaya yang dijual oleh uncle india yang terkenal sejak zaman mak kanak-kanak pasal dia kuat mengayuh basikal dari daerah ke daerah utk jual roti kaya. sedapnya!!!!

    rindu la…

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