5 Criteria of The Perfect Kuah Lodeh…

It’s hari raya mood… and I haven’t get to eat any lontong with kuah lodeh yet. So, in my own terms, I haven’t "hari raya" yet… If I don’t get to eat this at somebody’s house by today… I just have to make my own lah nampaknye. Hmmm… will I?

Anyway, the perfect kuah lodeh has to be:

1. Color: a nice light yellow. Not too dark, and definitely not orange (like curry) either.

2. Ingredient: Must contain fucuk tauhu and soohoon, apart from the other compulsory carrot, sengkuang, long beans, tauhu. And optional: tempe, mushroom.

3. Gravy: not too pekat, and not too cair either. The perfect one would use original santan, not the instant packed ones… but does not curdle.

4. Taste: Sedaplah. But, i suppose usually the good ones woud have dried shrimp.

5. Eaten with the perfect kuah kacang… and not some sambal tumis.

Apa? Mengada-ngada? Well, yes… that is my middle name.


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