5 Situations.. But I forgot the last

This is not some personality test… just random questions, wondering what one would do if spotted in the same situation.


1. If you heard from a friend, that a good friend is getting married but you did not receive an invitation. He/she did tell you ancients ago that he/she is going to get married soon. Probably he/she forgot or was too busy that it slipped his/her mind. But this is a kenduri wedding.. not those RSVP dinner or sort. Do you:

A. Crash the kenduri anyway.
B. Tag along a friend whose invited.
C. Just ignore it, he/she didn’t want you there anyway.
D. Call he/she up before the wedding to secure an invitation.
E. Call he/she up AFTER the wedding and fuss about not being invited.


2. If you accidentally sent an SMS with a really embarrasing message (embarrasing because org lain baca, not something embarrasing about you) to a different person, do you:

A. Ignore the whole situation
B. Immediately send another SMS apologizing
C. Pretend that you don’t know what that person is talking about when asked about it
D. Pretend that the message was intentional
E. Wait and see if there is a respond, then apologize


3. If you accidentally received an SMS meant for another person, which you know would embarass the sender if you mention about it, do you:

A. Reply in response to the message as if you were the intended receiver
B. Reply reminding the person he/she has made a mistake but not make fun of the person
C. Reply and make fun of the situation but never mention it again
D. Reply and make fun of the situation over and over again.
E. Keep the SMS for the future… it may come in handy.
F. Just ignore the whole thing as if nothing ever happened.


4. You’re driving and singing your heart out. At a slow moving traffic, the car in the next lane is driven a really cute guy. (For all I know, it could be that guy you had a crush on..). And he’s looking at you funny because not were you just singing your heart, you sang siap dengan expressions sume tu.. Do you:

A. Continue singing but pretend that you didn’t notice him looking
B. Stop singing and concentrate on driving
C. Continue singing and acknowledging him (wave, smile, or whatever)
D. Give a "whatcha-looking-at face"


5. …


Entahlah yang nombor 5 tu apa dah lupa. If none of your answers are listed in the given choice, you can tell me by commenting…


Cheers to world! J


3 thoughts on “5 Situations.. But I forgot the last

  1. CBBC. The first C: There must be good reasons why I’m not invited. Perhaps, I happen to be his/her cousin’s ex-girlfriend and the cousin’s current girlfriend is the jealous type?

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