10 Whys

1. Why do I keep putting on more inches on every part of my body?
2. Why do I keep replying SMS when I am supposed to minimize my phone bill?
3. Why do I stay in a job that leaves me restless?
4. Why do I like to waste time and procrastinate everything? EVERYTHING.
5. Why do I not tell my boss that I hate the work I’m doing right now?
6. Why do I find it easier to construct sentences for other people’s paper as compared to my own?
7. Why do I sit in front of my pc and update my blog instead of that report?
8. Why do I keep reading blogs that may annoy me or make me want to puke?
9. Why do I put on these questions in the world wide web so that everyone can read? Not that anyone bothers.
10.Why do I? Why?


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