10 years ago

*I updated a little more after some memories came back to me.. hehe 

This was supposed to be posted earlier this month when I celebrated a complete year cycle… So, on 2nd June

1 year ago: I was in Pasir Puteh. I was a foster family’s house. The day before I told this family that some friends would like to come over because it is my birthday. So my foster mom cooked laksa, laksam and served air kelapa. At the end of the meal they brought out a cake… Terharunya… Don’t ask why my named turned out that way.. I wasn’t even in Terengganu.


2 years ago: I was still attached with MOE… Supposed I had just renewed my contract for the second time. I was busy helping out the education application unit with the UPU processing. Nothing much really happened that year, as I recall.

3 years ago: I was 5 months pregnant… what did we do for my birthday ya? Went to Genting ke… entah tak ingat sangat.

4 years ago: Whatever happened on my birthday four years ago? But I remember reporting for work at MOE 2 weeks later. Oh, suddenly with the opening of the movie HP and the OOP, I remember what happened 4 years ago. My husband made advanced payment for HP&TOOP as a birthday gift for me at MPH, Melaka. We collected it on first weekend after I reported at MOE.

5 years ago: I was 6 months pregnant. I think it was the year that my husband bought me 12 different flavors of cake from Secret Rec|pe. I think it took me the whole week to finish the whole thing. Best…

6 years ago: I attended a friends wedding. It was rather grand if you ask me… She was dressed in the creations of Rizalman for nikah, Bill Keith for sanding and Sharifah Kirana for bertandang. Made up by Rizalman.. so natural, but sooo beautiful! I was damned thin too then because only two months later I would be ending my singlehood days too… Oh, I remember, after the wedding, we went to Amcorp Mall and friends bought me a bouquet of flowers.. Terharu lagi!

7 years ago: It was my second day at work… I was doing my practical training. And the next day, it was my engagement day. So, I didn’t really have time to concentrate on celebrating my birthday. On that evening, I was still shopping for the hantaran.

8 years ago: I requested roller blades as a birthday present from my then boyfriend. Ingatkan dapat… rupanye I got a BONIA handbag that costed just as much as the roller blades… My then boyfriend must have wanted me to grow up kot… Be more ladylike… I was after all going to be his fiancé this time next year. Tapi disappointed betul.. Because masa tu, all I wanted was to have fun..

9 years ago: I remember being sick this time. I was still in PPP masa ni. Tapi tak ingat what did I do for my birthday… Do anybody remember?

10 years ago: Yes, 10 years ago I remember my birthday was celebrated at a steamboat restaurant at Shah Alam.. situated exactly at Taman Tasik Shah Alam. Friends presented me a grizzly teddy  bear which I loved so much. Still do… I brought it everywhere after wards. To Melaka, to Cyberjaya. I called him Jili. Along with Jili, who was placed in a basket (basket tu pon ada lagi), was a bag of Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Chocolates. Looking back, days in PPP definitely was among "the best days of my life" (quoted from the song Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams). <- Thanks Alnur for reminding.


2 thoughts on “10 years ago

  1. btol ke kiraan masa tu? mcm x betol je. hehe…

    kalo 10 thn yg lalu, mmg sah kat ppp. kalo x silap, hang celebrate ngn rumet kat bkt raja. tol tak? tgk cite the rock lakonan nicolas cage & sean connery (main hantam je ni….) hehe

    kalo 9 thn yg lalu, hang still kat ppp ke? bkn time tu kita dah repot duty kat unitele? sebab kita kat ppp sampai spring 98 je. time summer 98 dah kat melaka. tol tak? ke tak btol? emmm…

    kalo 7 thn yg lalu, u dah keje ke? awal nyer dah keje. eh ke ni practical training? hehehe. oppsss…

    yg lain, no komen…

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