I’m craving for… (and no, I’m NOT pregnant)

1. APAM – Apple Pie A la Mode

2. Iced Caramel/Hazelnut Latte

3. Tosai Telur (bet you didn’t know I like tosai… hahah. I don’t. I only like tosai telur.. Garing)

4. Vanilla Ice Blended … or White Chocolate Dream Ice Blended.. mmmm… dreaming about it.

5. Sleep.. plain blissful sleep… after a hot bath, warm comforters… 2 pillows (no more)… and with the aircond on.. medium. Yes, I crave sleep. Haven’t had enough of it for the past 3 days…

In conclusion, I love to eat and sleep… and warm bath. Shower pon will do…


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