5 Reasons Why You MUST Watch Sumolah

If Afdlin didn’t write to appeal, I would have written this anyway. I truly enjoyed the movie. At first I thought macam slow and bosan.. but makin lama makin menarik. I watched the movie on the 2nd day of its opening. The cinema was almost empty. I felt good at first sbb rasa macam I chartered the whole cinema. Boleh gelak beriya-iya. However, at the end of the movie I thought, ruginya wayang ni kosong. This is a good movie. A very good one, in fact. Bukan Afdlin je yang rugi, korang pon lagi rugi.

So, why shouldn’t you miss this movie? Since I think in 5s and 10s.. here’s my 5 Reasons. But of course, there are more.

1. You can watch a Thai conquer (or at least seems like it) 3 languages at one go (Malay, English and Japanese) and none of them is her mother tongue.

2. You will see yourself or situations you have been in along the movie. Basically if not all, there will be at least some parts (or paling busuk one) along the way that you can relate to.

3. It’s a colloboration of many countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand.. maybe Japan). Made in Malaysia.

4. There are so many lessons to be learned along the way. Serious!

5. Support your local film industry… because if it’s not you, some "Brad Who?" ain’t gonna do it either.


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