5 Songs.. 6 to be exact.. to start my day yesterday

Yesterday… As I was speeding through the road, trying to beat the punch card clock, I caught a glimpse of a guy I used to really, really, really like. The one I had a really big crush on. He was on the opposite lane… in queue for the traffic light to change. If I wasn’t in such a hurry, I might have stopped at the road side to catch my breath. Not that I still have a crush on him, but I just never thought ever I’d see him again. Yelah, Malaysia ni kecik aje.

Everything felt like it was moving in slo-mo. (But in reality I was still speeding…) Suddenly I wasn’t so sleepy and was fully awake… all kinds of song was playing in the background of my head.

1. Rindu Padanya – Camelia
2. Dreaming of You – Selena
3. If I Could (Change The World) – Eric Clapton
4. Spiderman Theme Song – Don’t ask why.. but there’s a very good explanation. Trust me.
5. Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams

And it all ended with lagu kat punch card machine bila masa dah time… Deng!!!

Back to Reality….


6 thoughts on “5 Songs.. 6 to be exact.. to start my day yesterday

  1. Lynn Dearie,
    Good ol’ days hehe thanks to u for introducing the Summer of 69 song (well at that time, terpaksa la dengar cos u played it non-stop :P)…
    Well, wishing you a Blast Birthday *hug*… xox…

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