5 More Weirdness…

Last weekend.. I had to "work"… that was in inverted commas because I had lots of fun while doing it. It does help when you’re doing it with friends… well, you know… One of the constant activities throughout the 3 days (Friday-Sunday) was of course makan… hehe. And then I realized, most of my weirdness/pantang-larang dlm hidup are eating-related.. Lemme share with you:

When I was 8 or something, I thought ants tasted nice. Macam lemon. I dont eat them in a bunch lah.. makan satu-satu. Kalau terjumpa dlm air ke macam tu.. makanlah. Patutlah gelap je hati.. hahah.

 I dont like eating in the dark.. or dimmed places. Yg ni mmg lagi terganggulah dpd unmatched fork and spoon. I need to see my food in clear light. I prefer white light as compared to orange light.

When I eat with people, I dont like things obstructing my view of the person opposite of me, or my view of their food. For example there’s a glass right in the middle of the table ke.. jug ke.. tak boleh. Kena letak kat tepi. Why? Senang nak rasa food org kot.. hahahahha. entah kadang tak pon. Basically terganggu lah.

Food on the plate… especially makan nasi. Lauk must not be placed on top of the rice. It must be on the side. Kuah boleh. Tgh² tu nasi je. Boleh imagine ke? If it’s placed otherwise, adalah terasa turn off sikit nak makan. That’s why I dont like makan nasi campur where you can’t take the lauk yourself. That’s why also I don’t like to tapau nasi campur.

And of course, the unmatched sudu garpu tu, sapelah boleh challenge… masa breakfast at one of the famous Kopitiam in the town on Sunday, my knife mmg tak match langsung my fork. It was disturbing. Very disturbing… one was so ringan, the other was way heavier. tapi makan jelah.. Bukan selalu sampai kedai tu kan. Nanti kecoh pulak.. hahah.

Banyak cikadak eh K-lynn ni? Hahahah.. There might be more. But that’s me. What was it Siti said?

"Baiknya Aku Buruknya Aku
Terimalah Aku Apa Adanya"

With that I end this entry with a great big laugh…. somebody shoot me please!


One thought on “5 More Weirdness…

  1. everyone has their own weirdness. am i rite? hehe. mcm i ni, pelik bin ajaib. makan byk, tapi x jugak gemok2… emmm…. kadar metabolisme terlampau tinggi kot…

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