5 Songs, 5 Memories

Songs and music… is magical. For me, certain songs will conjure up different memories… fond ones, sad ones… It even has the power to "transport" me to a different time and place altogether. And of course it is known to be able to alter moods… Listening to one right now, I feel like sharing a few of my favorite (and not) and related memories attached to them.

1. Uninvited by Alanis Morisette
This would bring me back to Melaka when I first set foot on MMU. It was a such, such dark age… I refuse to recall. I just can’t listen to this song.

2. Drops of Jupiter by Train
    Falling by McAlmont and Butler
This would remind me of my friend June. Because she introduced me to these two songs and I’m like hooked.

3. Take My Breath Away by Berlin
    Glory of Love by Peter Cetera
I don’t know about you.. but I loved Peter Cetera and all the Chicago songs. Child of the 80s, I grew up listening to them. Anyway, these two songs are soundtrack of the movies Top Gun and Karate Kid II. And these were among first the movies that I watched at the cinema when I was in the States. I was in awe… wayang Mat Salleh cool gila, unlike in Malaysia. But of course that was two decades ago. Now we have TGV, GSC and even the latest Cathay Cineleisure.

4. Rindu Padanya by Camelia
When I was in college, there was a guy I really, really, really liked. At first I just liked chatting with him… then subconsciously became a crush… and later without me even realizing, it became an infatuation. Serious. I was like what, head over feet? But he didn’t know about it. Never knew, I think. Would anything ever sparked between us? I doubt it. Anyway, this song was like my life anthem then. My thoughts are of him every time I heard this song. Still are, actually. But he’s married, and I am now in with my husband. So, there….

5. Drowning by Backstreet Boys
(Yes, I listen to BSB. I used to listen to Spice Girls too… and I love Paris Hilton songs as well…) So back to Drowning. I this song… and one day during my Bomba Module in KKB, I had just finished a meal. Entah lunch ke dinner ke breakfast… Anyway, the TV was playing the vidoe clip of this song. I was there with Cik Nik, and she liked the song too. We stayed in the dining hall and sang to the song until the end. So, everytime I hear this song now, I would be reminded of that moment and of Cik Nik.


8 thoughts on “5 Songs, 5 Memories

  1. hikhikhik. of courselaa cik nik felt the same way too. slamber je kita menyanyi2 dlm dewan makan tu,takde org ke masa tu? no4 tu adakah org yg sama bg note rm1 yg ko citer tu?hmmmm

  2. Takpelah dia bagi sepuluh ringgit… At least dia tak mintak change dia balik…*wink*wink*

    Me love Drops of Jupiter…

    I was told that it’s a song about a guy who fell for his best friend, but didn’t have the guts to tell her…until it’s too late… (typical!)

    …too afraid to fly so he never did land…

  3. Uninvited pun suka juga. Teringat City of Angels..

    Drops of Jupiter pun suka juga. Besides Lola’s explanation, I think it was based on a poem or something..so someone told me..

    Take My Breath Away…hahaha..zaman tuh sumer org beli sunglasses yang Tom Cruise pakai and bercita2 nak jadik air force pilot..

    Peter Cetera and segala2 yang berkaitan dengan Chicago. Best, best. You’re the Inspiration, You Come to My Senses, Just Say You’ll Love Me for the Rest of My Life, Walk Away, Next Time I Fall, If You Leave Me Now..and the list goes on and on lar..

    Drowning. Ermm..aku suka laa lagu2 BSB tapi tak minat BSB. Tapi aku tak malu nak mengaku aku minat N’Sync!! Hehehe!

  4. Yong! Heheh.. bila lak kau nak update blog?
    Yeah… all those songs, I love too… Drops of Jupiter tu sebenar started off sbb the singer dreamed of his mom floating in milky way, pastu semua planet cair… when she came back, still had drops of jupiter in her hair… but the song is about relationship.. and the singer’s inferiority about him being plain next to the girl.. tapi tak tau lah pompuan tu best friend dia ke apa

  5. unvited.. bad bad bad memory.good=nasik marjerin jun makan ngan tomato.bad+scary=rumah auntie biji saga.rumah tumpangan=sleeping in the living hall,all 7 of us.haha.i recoil each time the song is played.so eerrie n unviting!

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