5 Points… I pondered upon

I was only away from the office for four days… for course. But the ‘short’ period of time, somehow changed my perspective, a little if not a lot. Gained a little bit more knowledge too. I guess, if I may quote from the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth: "And we could all use a little change" sometime. This is what I learned:

Maybe I shouldn’t park as close as possible to the elevator when I arrive early because I would have more time to walk. Those who arrive late would need it more. I agree. Do you?

2. Exercise can release endorphins. Endorphins make me happy. Exercise too can make me happy as it can burn those calories away. So, next time I’m depressed for being overweight, the only answer is exercise lah kan…

3. Even though some say girls are generally envious of each other, but a friend once wrote, girls take care of each other’s feelings (as compared to guys). And I agree. As I am aware of my "physical change" (as mentioned/hinted by all the guys I met on Thursday), the girls kept saying… "Takdelah k-lynn. Sikit je kot"… 😉

4. As of today, (later-later tak tau lah kan), I know I can always talk to my son. And it took me by surprise that he actually understands that I have to work late sometimes. He actually told me so. Makes me want to capture that moment and put it in a glass ball. Which reminds me to try and understand him more… and everybody else too-lah, for that matter.

5. And last, I would probably never break free from D*P*A. I used to look at it as if I would have no other life than that. It is all I would ever talk about. (A friend actually agreed… ) But, when I relook at it, it tells me that I would always have friends to fall back on. Always have something to bind us together. For when we part, no matter how long it would be, because of those six months, when we meet again, everything would just fall into place.

And lastly… I decide to be happy… today and everyday.


4 thoughts on “5 Points… I pondered upon

  1. allow me to comment on your 5th points: yupp, I feel exactly the same. makes my monotonous daily routine all the more depressing the more I reminisce

  2. That’s why we need a break once in a while. Make the effort and the time to see friends. It’ll do you good.. Btw, happy belated birthday faruq. Was out of the office on that day, and of course I never had your number 😉 Take care.

  3. haha all the more reason why it’s so depressing being stuck here in port klang. the nearest of our 1/2005 colleagues (pronounced as kŏl’ēg’ not kēl’ēg’ ya? hehe) is haslan, kat pejabat tanah klang.

    oh and thanks for the birthday wish!

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