6 Weird Things About Me…

The blogger who has been tagged must write a post of six weird things about him/her as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, s/he needs to choose six bloggers to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

You know I always write in 10s or half of 10… but since I hardly ever get tagged, I make an exception for this one. I was tagged by sufi through chech… Hmmm. So, here goes.

1. The number 8 is significant throughout my life. Weird.. entahlah.

But anyway, I was born on 2/6/1978. 2+6=8.
My ic number ends with 88. Married (nikah) on 18/8/2001.
When I was dating, my husband (then boyfriend), working with one of the telco, decided to give a free line. The number he chose (without consulting me) had a row of 8‘s in it. Four 8s to be specific.
My student id number in PPP was 9604108.
My student id number in MMU was 98100718.
I reported for duty for my current job in the month of August – the 8th month of the year.
Ohh.. during 6 months of DPA, I made friends and become close with 3 friends.. then extended to another 4. Of which now, we have become a group of 8 orang. Dan byk lagilah… i know coincidences je semua ni… tapi still… weird tak?

2. I feel uncomfortable eating if my fork and spoon don’t match

In truth, I don’t really like telling people about this, because… tak penting. Not to mention that nanti ada je nak dijadikan bahan… but yes, bila makan, my fork and spoon have to match. It has to be of the same type, pattern, weight… a pair lah. Kalau bukan pair dia, macam tak best sgtlah makan. I can’t really remember when I started feeling like this, but my guess is when I was 16… masa boarding school – our meals have to be eaten with fork and spoon. Else, one would be fined. Stupid tak?

3. Saya tak suka banyak kasut.

People say, women can’t be separated from shoes. Some men say, women take ages to shop for shoes. Well, I take forever to shop for anything. But, me… kalau boleh nak ada as minimal number of shoes as possible. I would usually have one pair of black shoes for work. One that I would wear sampai koyak or rosak. A pair for casual… Sandals. Sports Shoes.. aaarrgh.. tu pon dah rasa byk. Sebab byk-byk rasa rimas. Seriously. Kalau ikut hati, kasut kat rumah byk-byk tu rasa nak buang je semua. Tapi karang nak pakai takde pulak yg sesuai utk different clothes. Hmmm..

4. I love ICE

Not ice the drugs… but ice, ice.. AIR BATU…frozen water. Not weird? How about ICE with RICE? When I was younger, about 4-5 yrs old.. I loved eating ice. If I could, I wanted to chew on it forever. I loved it so much that one day I said to my sister: "Kak Long, kenapalah kita tak boleh makan ais dengan nasi? Kan best, hari-hari boleh makan air batu." And I remembered, next thing I knew, I was doing exactly that. And I discovered, tak best sangat pon.. sebab nanti ais cair, nasi jadi basah. Anyway, I still love ice and all iced beverages… but I dont eat it with rice anymore… coz, it’s too weird.. heh (Hey, that rhymes.. ICE and RICE… heheh).

5. I get ticklish all over when I’m laughing too hard

I’m not that ticklish except for the common spots.. you know, tapak kaki.. ketiak (dah tua-tua ni ada ke org nak geletek ketiak.. lebih-lebih lagi kalau tak wax or shave… hahahahaha).. But when I’m laughing hard.. all parts of my body is ticklish. Please don’t touch me when I’m laughing or else, I’ll laugh harder.. then I’d be laughing too hard and next thing I know, I can’t breath. Serious.

6. This is not so weird… tapi nak tulis jugak. I had my first lesson about period when I was 7
It happened when I went to my friends house. I stayed till maghrib… so when the azan comes, I asked to borrow the telekung and sejadah. Then, my friend told me.. (Imagine 7 yr old girls whispering, as if talking of something secretive and something important)… "My mom is not that well. Sometimes she would bleed, for days. And when that happens, she can’t pray." And I remember thinking, kesiannya mak dia. The moment I arrived home, I went straight to my mom repeat the whole thing… with additional intro: "Kesian mak dia, ibu…" (At the back of my mind was, my friend’s mom could die.. not knowing it would happen to me too, only 5 years later). And my mom’s reaction to my whole kesian story was… unconcerned and unimpressed. Boleh tak?

So.. there! Since the rule is clear, i have to tag 6 other ppl.. darn. Sape ek.. my college friend, kay. yus (i hope she has wonderful stories for me.. hehe). faruq. my school friend maz. ahmed syam (now that he has a blog) and nak sgt blog this friend, but I’m not supposed to tell he has a blog… I’ll tag him anyway. Done!


2 thoughts on “6 Weird Things About Me…

  1. yg sudu garpu plg weird. hehe. susah la ek kalo mkn kat luar. dulu time ppp, kalo mkn kat junction, sure byk kali x dpt mkn sebab sudu garpu slalu lain2… tol tak? hehe…

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