5 Things I Bring When Watching Movie With My Kids

Going to the cinema these days is so unlike dulu-dulu. During our "duo" or singular days, watching a movie at the cinema was usually an impromptu decision, unplanned. But these days, having "extra handbags", I have to literallly carry extra bags when going to the cinema. An outing to the cinema is always like a picnic for us… especially with the blankets. Apart from making sure the movie is rated U, I also have to make sure the following are brought:

1. Plain Water
2. Keropok – Mister Potato, Chacos or Twisties
3. Blankets and Sweaters
4. Botol Susu…
5. Big Bag to put all those above in…

If you see a family of 4 plus a big bag, hyper, hyper boy and girl… and crazy mum… at TGV, Seremban 2, that would be us… Definitely!


3 thoughts on “5 Things I Bring When Watching Movie With My Kids

  1. Hehehe… at first, susah jugak. After a while, diorang pon dah paham how/what to behave… and I also know what I need to do/bring… things are easier. Tapi part kena gi toilet in the middle of movie tu yang malas sket. The safest youngest age to be before bringing to the cinema is… 2.

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