10 Stars of Cinta and What I Think of Their Performances

1. Rahim Razali: maintained his reputation as a superb actor.. delivered a performance as expected by his viewers.
2. Fatimah Abu Bakar: have never seen her acted, only appearances in AF. But certainly ought to be a benchmark for all the new and kaku actresses. Oh I love her the best. Her emotions… best!
3. Eizlan Yusof: Kaku. Boroi. Unrealistic. No chemistry. Suggestion for replacement: Hairie Othman (equally kaku, but remember his performance in Puteri as prince? At least tak boroi), Fahrin Ahmad, Azhar Sulaiman… no, NOT Rosyam Nor..
4. Fasha Sandha: Lemau. But better as compared to Rita Rudani. But the character itself in writing needs some beefing up.
5. Rashidi Ishak: Okay.. no complains. But as a friend said, wujud ke lelaki as romantic as this these days, esp in Malaysia. If ada, likely to be… erm, not that straight…
6. Rita Rudani: Plastik! Her emotions do not seem real. Except for the part kat window tu je… Nothing to shout about either. Rather bland… tasteless. Suggestion for replacement: Vanida Imran (put Rita for that last scene tu je.. at least tak payah act. Sengih-sengih je), Sharifah Norhaslinda (tua sikit, xpe), Nasha (boleh gak jadi plastik, but ada hope lah compared to Rita), Eja?
7: Que Haidar: Good performance. Less speech, but a lot of emotions. See, good actors/actresses need not talk so much.. They ACT.. my third best favorite performance.
8. Nanu: Second best, after Fatimah Abu Bakar. She deserves a nomination for one of those awards.
9: Pierre Andre: Okay, people say he is kaku here. But in my opinion (one without the right qualification to judge), the character was meant to be that way. Mahu tapi segan.. bukan malu. Hopeless and just going through a motion… And I believed he delivered it well. Maybe some will say not much difference from his previous characters… but orang offer yang macam tu je, nak buat macam mana… (alamak, jadi PA defender lak.. heheh)
10: Sharifah Amani: Yes, I have to agree too… not much difference from Orked. She might want to move away from these roles… long hair. But if not her, sape nak play this character? Like I said before, it has her name attached to the role. She’s better at playing roles her age (as compared to Gubra).


3 thoughts on “10 Stars of Cinta and What I Think of Their Performances

  1. hmmm.. interesting. kakak, i maybe jumpa someone as romantic as haris. someone wonderful but already married. adoiihhh..

    well, they say great straight man are already married. sikit ada menyesal apsal la tak mengorat time uni dulu 🙂 ida garang sgt.

  2. ida: not so straight pon ada yg married gak beb… plus dulu masa college ada gak ngurat org, tapi x dapat pon… alamak, kang si tanko ni baca pecah pulak rahsia aku. hehehe..

    tanko: ada agaknye tu… cerita rock tu pon x sampai setahun dah masuk…

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