5 Trivia About Me, Very Useless Info to Others

1. I’ve always known (or is wanted the correct term to use…) that my first born was going to be named Afnan Khair. Ever since I was 16. Serious. I didn’t even know when I was going to get married, or was I ever going to get married. But I knew I wanted to name my firstborn Afnan Khair.

2. I have a scar on my right cornea. Then, two years ago, my son scratch the same spot with his fingernail. Accidentally of course. This means, I could never wear disposable contact lens ever again… because the scar causes my astigmatism to be too high.. or something like dat.

3.  I am wild about peanuts. (Saying that sounds as I have a fetish or something… I don’t. Full stop). But peanuts are just deliciously sedap. I love kuah kacang. Kuah kacang with satay, kuah kacang with lontong, kuah kacang with nasi impit, kuah kacang with rojak, kuah kacang by itself. I love peanut butter. The chunky ones are even nicer. I love chocolate with peanut butter (that’s why one of my favorite chocolate is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Reese’s Pieces.. hmmm!) I love peanut butter with bread and jam, with celery sticks, to be made into cookies. I love kacang goreng tepung. I love my ABC with peanut pieces, not crushed peanut. In short I NUTS about PEANUTS!

4. When I was nine, I didn’t know how to read jawi. At all… Blank. Nothing. It’s like reading tulisan tamil to me… and to think that I read the muqaddam everyday. But somehow in a few months, I was one of fastest jawi reading and writing student at standard four. How? I can’t remember. Serious… I amazed even myself.

5. If I were born in January, my brother would have been born in December, then we could be in the same year. But I was born in June. His birthday is in May. I celebrated my first birthday 3 days later.


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