10 Things I Learned When I Bought/Renovated My House

Since my daughter’s birthday is around the corner, it means that my house is also the same age… It was not until 6 months later that we moved in… it was 1st May 2005 that we had our first night there rasanye. And since then, we learned a lot too about houses ni. Still a lot to learn really. You have to experience it to know it. Not the same as org bagitau. Mak ayah ada jugak cakap, but not the same as experiencing it. Thought I’d share a few pointers I picked up along the way. Not about buying property or anything like dat. Me clueless there. But about moving and renovating and all…

1. It was worth it to get an upgrade unit (extra powerpoints, tiles up to the ceiling in kitchen and bath, etc) because I cannot live with limited power points. Plus it was easy for lights, fans, water heater and air cond installation later. All the points were ready.

2. Cabinets: get a stone/tile top for your kitchen. Unless your kitchen cabinet does not have a sink (sink kat luar rumah ke.. manalah tau) then it’s okaylah to get what’s that material… yg jenis bukan batulah kan.

3. Cabinets again: Don’t rely on pictures of the contractor only. Visit showrooms, friends’ houses, relatives to get the real idea. Ask for the opinion and experiences.

4. If you’re installing fixed cabinets or renovating whatever, think about powerpoints and wiring. Jgn dah siap, baru terpikir… “Alamak! Powerpoint dah block.. kat sini xde powerpoint. Kena buat wiring lain pulak!!!” That after thought will cost you more money and the look of your house.

5. Lights: They cost a bomb jugak! And you do have to put a light at every room. So don’t forget to set aside a budget for it… Of course the nicer ones cost more.

6. Curtains… railing, rods… if you can install them yourself, it’ll be cheaper. Sebab in truth, takdelah susah sgt. But, if you don’t know how, get the contractor to do it for you. Mahal sikit, but kurang pening kepala. Seriously!!! But plan it advance, how many layers of railing you wanna have. Think of the type of curtains you plan to hang later.

7. Tiles: Kitchen (esp) and bathrooms… it’s a good ideas to have your walls tiled up to the ceiling rather than the compulsory 6′ or smtg like that. It makes cleaning easier… especially with all the greasy and oily cooking.

8. Kitchen sinks: Get a BIG sink or double even better. And double tap is great as well. Especially during open house, kenduri, and all those makan events lah… Senang nak mencuci. Seriously.

9. Oh!!! May not be important to some, but for me, tukang buat laundry ni… Clothes line. Think of it… mana nak dry your clothes. If you have a dryer… then, tak payah pikirlah kan. If you don’t then, clothes line is very important! Nak yg mobile kat kedai ke… nak yg fixed to the wall ke… And the important thing is, mana nak dry your clothes bila hujan. Boleh letak the thing bawah shade ke tak… kalau mobile susah nak angkat ke… Block laluan org ke tak.. kalau letak kat tgh² garden, kang buruk lak org lalu-lalang tgk.. itu semua lah.

10. Last, but of course not least… moving.. get a reputable lorry/truck owners with lots of hands. If you can afford a professional mover, even better. Kalau nak harapkan family members je yg  tolong… penat jugak. Don’t skimp and get a small lorry. Think of the effect on your furniture and things. Bigger is better. Have a look at the lorry before renting it. Make sure the same one arrives on the day of moving. If not, jgn guna. Tak payah move that day. Sakit hati je nanti. (kalau bigger than expected oklah kot). Oh label your boxes. It makes unpacking soooooooo much easier. Anyway, moving is another topic by itself.

Selamat Berumah Sendiri!


10 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned When I Bought/Renovated My House

  1. Ye lah klynn..that’s so true..
    we still dont have the money to buy our own but i realised about those u’ve mentioned are quite similar with what i’ve been tru’ when we moved to our recent house.TQ

  2. Guys… thanks for dropping by. My ramblings are usually crap… I know. Hahaha.

    Amri: open house takdelah beb. Nanti tak terlayan susah… rumah aku pon kecik je. Tapi kalau nak datang, just ring. Tada hal.

    Tini: Haah.. kalau sewa rumah pon (esp dah family ni) byk jugak kena pikir. Nanti 1 hari kita exchange stories over lunch eh…

  3. Luckily I’ve my husband who thought of everything for our house. He did almost everything..and I just agreed sebab masa tuh kita tengah DPA. But everything u’ve mentioned is true and something which should be pondered upon.

  4. klynn… hang lupa satu bende. kalo boleh buat aa dry and wet kitchen. lagi bagus. and also make one special area for washing machine. so u dont need to put it in the bathroom or in the kitchen. it will save ur space. tol tak? ahaks….

    ps: rumah i ni kemas time raya or time kenduri kendara jek. hari biasa, tungang langang….

  5. Dry and wet kitchen… itu mmg betul. And sebenarnye wet kitchen tu patut lagi besar dr dry… but usually it’s the opposite. Betul tak? Sebenarnye banyak lagi… but since this is a blog 10 things, kena limit.. hahaha. Yg tunggang langgang tu is sooooo true. Unless jenis org yg rajin and particular, tiap² hari mop and sapu (macam jiran aku).

  6. i tengah renovate my kitchen, master bathroom, extend living room sket, pasang awning and create a store. and the whole house is in a mess! berabuk! typical kapal pecah. and we are left with 1 room and 1 bathroom. bathroom tu la nak basuh pinggan, basuh kain, mandi sume. aduh! cant wait for this to end. just imagine, my fridge and shoe cabinet dalam bilik. stove and almari simpan periuk2 sume kat luar (nasib baik i duduk ground floor), almari dapur sume kat dining. kapet sume kena roll and everything is covered (macam org selimut kete baru dalam porch). I pity my 2 girls coz space is limited. but what to do…nak cantik punye pasal. dah siap nanti i let you know..

  7. This is the one kat ampang tu, kan Min? Okay.. lemme know when you’re done. Kalau sempat (entah bila la tu) boleh dtg visit… Btw, this is the very reason kenapa kitorang try to siap kan everything before moving in… but in your case, no choice lah.

  8. yup, the one in ampang. u penah datang ke? reno siap dah. part mengemas tu…o my god…i hope i dont have to go thru that again. call over la (kalau sempat..hehe)..

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