Update on things I’m Saving Up For…

Of the list, which is the cheapest? No. 3, obviously…. Heheh
And guess what… I now own a stainless steel tea/coffeepot.
It was last saturday that I went for hari raya shopping for my kids’ clothes… and suddenly, there it was on display… at 50% discount!!!! And it was the last piece. Nak tak nak, I had to grab it… I couldn’t resist. Didn’t know kat Sogo pon ada… the one I spotted was at Jusco Seremban 2. Hehehe. The pot xdelah cantik mana pon, tapi I like it, so what. Wanna a glimpse of it? Datanglah my house for hari raya! J


4 thoughts on “Update on things I’m Saving Up For…

  1. nak teapot. awat x habaq awal2….kita ada byk…

    susu cap teko bole tak? ahaks…

    slamat hr raya ek. maap zahir dan batin…

    ps: this lady love to eat split (icecream bersalut rasa lime kaler ijau) once upon a time ago….

  2. ALnur: Hahahah.. funny you should remember.. Guess what? I still do.. cuma, sekarang dah move up a notch. makan trophy juga.

    Su: Okay.. kalau x kilat, kau pon boleh tolong.

  3. K-Lynn…

    we should meet up…It has been so long. I could imagine how our conversations would be like about your new teapot. i would understand, when i was in perth i realize that i am domestic goddess too!!

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