10 Food/Beverage I Feel Like Eating Now!

1. Cocunut Jelly.. nyum nyum
2. Coffeebean Ultimate Moccha Ice Blended
Burger3. Burger King Double Swiss Mushroom Sandwich
4. Sweet Sour Crab
5. Laksa Johor with Ikan Parang, not other fish
6. Kak Long’s spaghetti bolognese
7. Tauhu Bakar, so crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, and warm.. mmmm
8. Burger Tepi Jalan Near My Mom’s House, Near Sinar Kota or the one in Desa Petaling
9. Ikea’s Soft Serve Ice Cream
10. Mee Miad at Melaka.. what’s that place ya.. lupa dah.


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