10 Things I Hate About My New Job Posting

1. Food – only 1 place to eat, no choice, the food sucks yet pricey
2. Can’t go back at 4.30pm
3. Have to ride a new bus
4. Have to pay more for bus fare
5. Not such a walking distance from Alamanda
6. A different Parcel from my old office
7. Miss my old friends.. can’t see them so /eat with them often
8. The whole organization is so small compared to my former workplace. everybody knows if i ngelat!
9. They use open partition and everybody can see that I am typing my blog instead of some letter to the minister and what not… nak main my fav word game pon susah…
10. And lastly the only form of IT for my new job is Microsoft Word and for a person who’s used to taking care of servers and database, this is KILLING me!!!


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